Heisei Ishin

Taku's birthday

Today's his birthday.
>With great trouble, everyone ate cheese fondue together.
From here on how many times will we meet up on 12/13?
On this day we will eat cheese fondue and think of Taku.
Everyone else eat it too if you like!
The many messages from everyone have saved my heart* a little.
Since there is a picture of everyone together at Nagoya on 12.8 I put it here.

Cool right?

*心 (kokoro) can mean heart, mind or spirit. I chose to use heart in the sentence but it doesn't necessarily mean his physical heart.

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22 years old

It's Taku's birthday

22 years old

It's the same

I will cherish also being 22 years old*

various Ishin-ko**

Everyone sent many birthday messages***

Truthfully it was really nice

Eat a lot of potatoes above the sky♪

*Not sure on this
**Name for the Heisei Ishin fans
***He says:誕生日をみんないっぱいメッセージしてくれとるんちゃうかな. I summarized it since I can't think of an exact translation.

Original entry can be found here

Heisei Ishin

★Yukkie and I★


It's Rai

It's Rai

Meeting now then

From there

Came to Yoshi's bar**

Karaoke night***

Yukkie is enthusastically

Singing something.

I'm Yukkie's fan.

Please enjoy!!!!!


Until next time


*It's a way to say hi but I like the way Yaho sounds better so I'm going to leave it.

** He says 善バー which can technically mean a good bar but it is the same kanji used for Yoshi's name so I am assuming he means the bar Yoshi works at.

*** He says カラオケしよる which I am failing at translating anyway that makes sense. I may be completely wrong feel free to correct me.

Original entry here

Heisei Ishin

★Yoshi-kun and I★

Yoshi-kun’s photo is not there?  

and since there was a message

I worked properly


Though I also came in my izakaya work clothes

Compared with Yoshi-kun

Completely different

Service industry


Izakaya style

Bar style

Which onii-san* is your type


To say one difference

HeyCome in!!


That kinda feeling

So which one?!!!!!!!


'till next time


*お兄さん (oniisan) – older brother., not always used to mean family. I like to leave it as the Japanese.
**いらっしゃい and いらっしゃいませ are both ways to say welcome when someone comes into your shop/store. いらっしゃいませ is more formal and less rough of a way to say it

Original entry here
Also thanks to niidz for help on this one.

Translation posts

I'm going to start posting some of the Heisei Ishin translations I have done.  Feel free to use them but please credit me here or at my tumblr here as they take time to do.  Also do not take my translations to be perfect.  I am no where close to fluent and still learning.

New Layout!

So yay my insomnia actually did something good for once.  Since I was still awake at 5 am I managed to win a free layout commission.  All credits for it go to veuna.  Thanks so much =D  
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aoi-san is touched


Shiki (Anima) [2] Canzel [5] Maya & Tatsurou [3] Miku (An Cafe) [2] Nao (Alice Nine) [1] Rai (Heisei Ishin) [2] Vistlip [20] xTRiPx [3] VAMPS [3] Preview: Collapse )
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Music Meme

5 Favorite Bands
1. Miyavi
2. the GazettE
3. vistlip
(These were just the first ones that came to mind, I fail at choosing)

Can you name all the members?
Miyavi...that's it.  Unless you count his support people.  I know all of the Kavuki Boyz but haven't learned his new support crew's names yet

Do you own anything with their logo on it?
A wall scroll

Have you ever seen them in concert?
No, hopefully I will get to soon tho

What was the first song you heard by them?
Girls Be Ambitious

Favorite album?
Either Dokusou or Samurai Sessions

Least favorite album?
I love them all, that's why he's my favorite

List 7 songs you love:
(that's hard D:)
in no particular order
1. Kimi ni Negai Wo
2. Selfish Love
3. Wake up Honey
4. Are You Ready to Rock
5. Itoshii Hito
6. SuperHero
7. Girls be Ambitious

How long have they been around?

How did you hear about them?
I believe through Meg...but I don't remember

Are they still together as a band?

First song you heard by them?
I don't remember

Favorite album?
Hmm...that's hard.  I'm gonna go with DIM

Least favorite album?
They're all pretty good

List 7 songs by them you love:
(gah I hate choosing)
in no particular order (again):
1. Cassis
2. Defective Tragedy
3. DIM Scene
4. Nakigahara
5. Shiroki Yuutsu
6. Reila
7. Discharge

Who is their lead singer?
Tomo aka Caveman

How many of their cds do you own?
I don't actually own any of them yet, although I do have their new one on reserve for when it comes out

How many times have you seen them in concert?
None, but I will in December

First song you heard by them?
Edy, I believe

Favorite album?
I'm gonna say Patriot but it's all good

Least favorite album?
Like I said, it's all good

List 7 songs by them you love:

in no particular order
1. Edy
2. Drop Note
3. Egoist
4. Re:ashita haretara
5. the surface
6. -OZONE-
7. Caramel Macchiato

Have they been around before 2000?
Nope 2008, but all the members have been in bands forever

Have you ever met them?
Yes, we met Ju-ken and Arimatsu

What was the last song by them you listened to?
Glamorous Sky, and actually I watched the performance video of it

First song you heard by them?
Love Addict, I think...whatever was their first song

Favorite album?
VAMPS since that's their only actual album

Least favorite album?
None of them

List 7 songs by them you love:
again in no particular order
1. Sweet Dreams
2. I Gotta Kick Start Now
3. Time Goes By
4. Trouble
5. Evanescent
6. Hunting
7. Sex Blood Rock n' Roll

Did anyone introduce you to them?
No, I had heard some of their stuff before and then just decided to listen to more

Who would you like to see them tour with?
Idk they've toured with a lot of people already

What draws you to them?
Their music is amazing

First song you heard by them?
I think Libra

Favorite album?
Let's cheat and say one of the best of ones since they have all my favorite songs

Least favorite album?
They're all pretty good

List 7 songs by them you love:
In no particular order
1. Libra
2. Ame no Orchestra
3. Fuzz
4. Gerbera
5. Horizont
6. Utagoe
7. Sora to ito

10 Other Bands, and 5 Songs By Each You Love

In no particular order

Band 1: xTripx
1. Dream Catcher [-Re:evolution-]Mix
2. Limpid
3. Caution
4. Fuyu no uta
5. Promised?Star

Band 2: Heisei Ishin
1. The Butterfly
2. good morning HUMAN
3. Mrs. Android
4. Swimmy
5. Umbrella

Band 3: LM.C
1. Ghost Heart
2. Punky Heart
3. Bell the Cat
4. 88
5. Haunted House make a Secret

1. Kill Me Kiss Me
2. Top Secret
3. Angelia
4. Sadistic Dance
5. Giza Giza

Band 5: Plastic Tree
1. Replay
2. Alone Again, Wonderful World
3. Tetris
4. Consent
5. Sanatorium

Band 6: Aqua Timez
1.  Alones
2. 虹 (Niji)
3. プルメリア ~花唄~
4. 等身大のラブソング
5. 千の夜をこえて

Band 7: An Cafe
1. Nyappy in the World (all of them)
2. My Heart Leaps for "C"
3. Aroma
4. Maple Gunman
5. Snow Scene

Band 8: Alice Nine
1. White Prayer
2. Rainbows
3. Hana
4. Blue Planet
5. Number Six

Band 9: The Pierces
1. Sticks and Stones
2. Secret
3. Three Wishes
4. Lies
5. Turn on Billy

Band 10: HYDE
1. Evergreen
2. Shallow Sleep
3. Secret Letters
4. Cape of Storms
5. Hideaway

5 Songs You're Currently Addicted To
(hmm...this is hard I haven't really been addicted to specific songs lately, we'll just go with what I'm always addicted to)
1.  虹 - Aqua Timez
2. Replay -  Plastic Tree
3. Ame no Orchestra - Mucc
4. Shiroki Yuutsu - the GazettE
5. Dream Catcher[Re:evolution]Mix

5 Favorite Singers
1. Miyavi
2. Tatsurou (MUCC)
3. Ruki (the Gazette)
4. Tomo (vistlip)
5. Ryuutaro (Plastic Tree)

The last song you heard:
I'm currently listening to General by Nightmare
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